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In order to maintain the smooth and efficient running of the Nursery, it is essential that parents understand and comply with the following regulations:

1. Parents are asked to adhere strictly to the times booked and to drop off and collect children no earlier than 5 minutes before a session and no later than 5 minutes after a session to ensure the smooth running of the Nursery and comply with CIW’s regulation.

2. For healthy, growing children we will offer a nutritional breakfast served between 8.45am and 9.15am. A two course lunch and a light tea served at 4.00pm. Parents of children under twelve months will need to provide formula and food themselves. The Nursery will provide milk and water, other drinks must be supplied from home, please do not bring fizzy pop. The children have two snack breaks during the day at 10.00am and approximately 2.45pm. Please would you supply your child with a piece of fruit for each break or another healthy snack, e.g. yoghurt.

3. Fees will be invoiced by the Nursery and are to be paid in advance on the first day of attendance.

4. If your child is absent for any reason, we require 7 days notice, otherwise full fees are payable.

5. If you are not collecting your child personally, please notify the Nursery Manager or Assistant Manager who will be collecting the child. Staff will not allow the child to leave the Nursery unless you have done so. Any person collecting the child from the Nursery who are unfamiliar to the staff may be asked to produce identification. The Nursery staff are unable to release any child to another child for collection, i.e. someone under sixteen years of age.

6. Please supply the Nursery with a spare set of clearly marked clothing and appropriate outdoor clothing for the time of year including sun tan cream during the summer.  



Due to the environment of the Nursery and the age of children attending, it is imperative that a tight control of Sickness is adhered to. To prevent the spread of illness the following rules will be applied:

a) When a child is ill with vomiting, diarrhoea or high Temperature, they will not be allowed to fill their placement for 48 hours and the parent should inform the Nursery at the earliest opportunity.

b) When a child becomes ill during a session, the ‘Contact Person’ will be informed and is expected to collect the child at the earliest opportunity. The Nursery staff will take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety and comfort of the child is addressed.

c) In extreme instances and as deemed necessary by the Nursery staff, the child will be taken to the nearest medical centre or an ambulance called to tend to the child’s needs.

Please refer to the Department of Public Health guidelines on Incubation and Exclusion Periods for the Commoner Infectious Diseases (appendix 1, Oasis Centre Day Nursery/Parent Contract.

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